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Memo-Math - Memory Aid - Cycle 1 - Secondary Program
Collection: MÉMO-MATH

Matière: Mathematics


Sujet: Mathematics

Éditeur: Guérin, éditeur ltée.

Chantal Buzaglo De (auteur)
Gérard Buzaglo De (auteur)

MEMO-MATH, in accordance with the Quebec Education Program, was created in response to a demand by students, parents and teachers who expressed a need for a tool that would clearly summarize the required mathematical concepts.

MEMO-MATH reviews all three mathematical fields covered in the Cycle 1 Secondary program: arithmetic and algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. Each field is divided into chapters and each mathematical concept is thoroughly explained within the respective section of the chapter.

MEMO-MATH is a memory aid that serves to help the student throughout the learning process as well as during the exam preparation period. Each mathematical concept is clearly reviewed and supported by pertinent examples.

MEMO-MATH defines the mathematical terms currently used in the Cycle 1 Secondary program. We answer questions such as: “What does this term mean...?”, “How do I solve...?”,

“How do I construct...?” A detailed index helps guide the student in answering any question related to the material.

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